Brothers Future Prems Program (FPP) The program is focused on the player experience with their development of rugby components such as core skill, position specifics, and game sense. The program content will also include player preparations, such as strength, conditioning, injury prevention & management. The Future Prems Program took over our club academy in 2014 and with many of the players graduating into premier grade over the past 2 seasons the program is proving to be successful. Lorenzo Mario, Toro Reedy, Isaac Cavu, Taine Timoko, Josh Wells, Victor Harris, Liam Gourlie, Tom Howard & Matt de Beer have all come through the FPP / Academy and is testament to the clubs vision and commitment to developing our juniors into Premier Grade calibre players. Both Lorenzo and Isaac have gone on to play for the Fijian National 20's team. We have also had Sam Jones come through our program and graduated into a Premier Grade Referee. The FPP is also a development pathway for our aspirational coaches and will be over seen by our Premier Grade Head Coach David Wells and Premier Grade Assistant Coach Alan Pike. The infield sessions will be conducted by Antonio Gerber, Denis Skillen and Phil with Brett Allen managing it. This year’s FPP will run from 17th October to 7th December on Tuesdays and Thursday nights between 5:30pm and 7:30pm. Skill assessments will take place on 19th & 21st September. As the title suggests, this programme is intended to identify those boys playing in U14’s to U18’s who have the potential to become our Premier players of the future, and as such will receive further skill and fitness enhancements during the closed season. Team coaches have been asked to nominate a list of suitable plyers who will undertake assessments with the view of being selected for the program. At this point in time the cost will be $125 for the 8 week program and will include training jersey, singlet and sports bag.