2014 Our Inaugural Year in Premier Reserve Grade

2014 was a watershed year in the history of Joondalup Brothers. After a number of years of hard work both on and off the field the Brothers were elevated into the Premier Reserve Grade. The new competition was largely an unknown for us, what was the calibre of competition, what were the off field expectations by RugbyWA, what were the expectations of our players and supporters? All we could do is Prepare Prepare Prepare! That was the motto that started the process November 2013. We needed coaches and more players, and we needed them fast. With Brett Gallagher leading the charge we quickly formed a creditable coaching team with Dave Oliver, Dave Wells, and Jarden Puki. The players were building in intensity, excitement, and numbers with some overseas arrivals. Our preparation concluded with a training camp in Lancelin which bound the squad together nicely in what we knew would be tough and hectic season. The first game would show us where we were in regards to the level of competition!

Round One: Joondalup 13 – Associates 43. Despite the score line we held our own until the halftime break and showed glimpses of what we could do.
Round Two: Joondalup 12 – Kalamunda 40. This could be very long season!
Round Three: Joondalup 20 – Wests 19. The edge of the seat, last minute break through win!
Round Four: Joondalup 41 – Cottesloe 13. What a game, running rugby at its finest and two wins in a row!
Round Five: Joondalup 20 – Wanneroo 17. Three wins in row!
Round Six: Joondalup 35 – Perth Bayswater 12. Four in Row!
Round Seven: Joondalup 23 – Nedlands 15. I’m sensing a theme – The Brothers on the Rampage.
Round Eight: Joondalup 19 – University 11. Six in a row!
Round Nine: Joondalup 21 – Palmyra 10. What a way to finish the first round of the competition. Seven wins in a row!
Round Ten: Joondalup 8 – Associates 34. And our bogey team gets the better of us for our third loss of the season.
Round Eleven: Joondalup 10 – Kalamunda 15. Another loss doesn’t dampen the confidence!
Round Twelve: Joondalup 19 – Wests 3. And back on the winning trail!
Round Thirteen: Joondalup 18 – Cottesloe 10. Win number 9!
Round Fourteen: Joondalup 32 – Wanneroo 19. The local derby sees win number 10.
Round Fifteen: Joondalup 23 – Perth Bayswater 10. Win number 11.
Round Sixteen: Joondalup 30 – Nedlands 27. Win number 12 by the skin of our teeth
Round Seventeen: Joondalup 35 – University 17. Win number 13!
Round Eighteen: Joondalup 17 – Palmyra 40. With finals on our minds we succumbed in the final round!
The 13 win, 5 loss season sees us clearly into the semi-finals versus our Bogey team Associates. Despite a valiant effort from the entire team we lose 18 – 3. In all a tremendous season far exceeding everyone’s expectations. A great effort by the coaches, players, and the club which has seen us elevated yet again into the Premier Grade competition for 2015. Bring it on!

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