Future Prems Program 2016/17

Future Prems Program 2016/17 Brothers Future Prems Program 2017 The Future Premier’s Program for 2017 finished this week. There was some uncertainty around the program however due to the efforts of the players and coaches the program was again a major success for the club. Watching the last few sessions it was amazing to see the skills and pace at which the boys from a range of age groups were working at together. New Premier Grade Captain Johann Louw and returning coach Dave Oliver conducted some great sessions with the boys. The enthusiasm of these young guys to be able to work with the Captain of the team they are aspiring to play for is infectious and they were surprised to hear Jowy say that the senior players were inspired to be able to work with the players who are the furniture of the club. This guy is a credit to Joondalup Brothers and for him to give his time to the young “Brothers” is fantastic for the club. Dave Oliver is an old hand returning to Brothers. His experience is priceless, having worked with luminaries such as Eddie Jones during his time with the Wallabies. His ideas and methods were a highlight of the program and those boys who weren’t able to participate fully have missed something special. Dave will be floating as a coaching mentor around the club and I strongly urge all coaches to make the most of him and use his knowledge with your own playing groups. I know seniors coach Dave Wells already has him on board. I promise you he is a willing and enthusiastic guy to be around, and a tremendous asset to Brothers. There is no question that these Future Prems guys will return to their teams at just the right time to be leaders and share their experiences with their 2017 team mates. A special congratulations must go to Dave Wells for his efforts in making this program work and Emma Jones for getting player kit together. Cheers and good luck in 2017 Brett Allen FPP Manager

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