Inaugural Miss Joondalup 2014

Our Inaugural Miss Joondalup Pageant compared by the delectable Miss Poke Her Hontis (Matt Holland) & the stunning Miss Sticky Vicky (Ellis Caveill) was held on Saturday 26th July. An international field assembled for this inaugural event a…s our players and coaches took to the stage vying for the honor of being crowned Miss Joondalup 2014. `The first round was Evening & Casual wear, an opportunity for all contestants to strut their stuff in front of the large engaging crowd. With only a few minutes each to put on a show each lady worked hard on winning over all watching eyes. Style, poise and eloquence was nowhere to be seen as these ladies held nothing back and worked the crowd. After much deliberation the field of 20 plus ladies was reduced to a mere 6. No doubt some tough decisions had to be made, some controversy followed as the claws came out and some ladies were reduced to dirty tactics tantrums and tears as the final 6 were read out. Going through to the swimsuit section was: • Chocolate Love (Carlos Waratini) – An exotic and sensual earthy lady with natural raw beauty. • Candy (Tristan Schneider) – A vibrant confident and healthy young lady who by trade is a pole dancer with all the moves. • Double D Duggan (Matty Duggan) – This working class princess has a mischievous and somewhat nutty persona who gives it her all. • Penny Traition (Jarden Puki) – A seasoned pageant competitor who has all the moves and experience to achieve great success. • Miley (Mitieli Vukeiono) a quiet and somewhat shy lady with a secretive past who has much inner beauty. • Razzle Dazzle (Darren Sweeny) a late bloomer who’s worked hard on her roughened exterior to soften her aurora specifically for the pageant. A big congratulations to these ladies on making it into the second round, with only 3 awards up for grabs again there will be some heartache and tantrums. One by one our ladies took to centre stage, the crowd cheered and were whipped into a frenzy as each went through her carefully choreographed routine. The atmosphere was palpable, the tensions high and the crowd anxiously awaiting the judges results. Votes were in and a hush fell over the crowd as our gracious host, the lovely Miss Poke Her Hontis approached the microphone. First to be announced was the Roughie award…and the winner is Miley 2nd came the Crowd Favorite Award …and the winner is Double D Duggan Finally the moment we had been waiting for, and with 4 ladies still on stage the award for Miss Joondalup 2014 goes to…Candy! The party continued well into the night as champagne (Beer) flowed and the ladies mingled with their adoring crowd. There was some suggestions of the event being fixed however gauging by the crowd response, the correct ladies were awarded the top prizes! Outstanding and thank you to everyone involved, see you in 2015 when we do it all again.

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