Spirit Sponsor

In another exciting development for the Brothers our Premier Team Sponsor Garth Davis and The Property Club have also sponsored the Perth Spirit for the next 3 years.

Garth said “There is a very important focus for me to make sure that there is a very cohesion and cooperation between Perth Spirit and Joondalup Brothers”. Garth has climbed the sponsorship ranks with our club initially coming on board as a sleeve sponsor, he has also sponsored our formal dinner and will continue in the role as Premier Team Sponsors for the brothers for the next 3 years.

Garth contacted us this morning with the announcement saying I am thrilled to let you know that an official press release took place yesterday about my branch of the Property Club being the main sponsor for the WA state Rugby Union team called the “Perth Spirit”. They play a national completion called the NRC against 8 other teams, 3 from NSW, 2 from Qld, 1 from ACT and 1 from Vic. The tournament kicks off in 10 days’ time and will be played each week. The Perth Spirit have 3 homes games during their season, at UWA on Aug 31, in Joondalup on 28th September and in Rockingham on 4th October. Some of their games will also be televised live on Fox sport.

Video of the Garth Davis Branch of the Property Club sponsoring the Perth Spirit rugby union team

Video of Garth and why he is sponsoring the Perth Spirit rugby union team

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