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The Brothers 100 Club is an exciting sponsorship category available at Joondalup Brothers Rugby Club that provides individuals with an affordable way in which they can contribute to the continued development of the club. With an easy sign-up and payment process it’s a wonderful initiative that enables members, family, friends, and supporters of our club to become part of our dynamic sponsorship group.

The Concept

The idea came from Dave Wells who, after watching Friday Night Lights, in which they had a small but influential group of supporters called “Boosters” that, as individuals, provided financial support to their team. From there the Brothers “100 Club” was born. It’s for Individuals, not businesses so anyone can sign up and it’s easy and affordable.

So what is the Brothers 100 Club?

The 100 Club is a club within JBRUFC that has a restricted membership. As the name implies the club comprises a maximum of 100 individuals. Businesses are not eligible to apply and once the membership is filled then no one else will be accepted. Each member of The 100 Club will have a unique number between 1 and 100. No one else is entitled to use this number while the membership remains current. Added to that each member will receive an exclusive 100 Club member polo shirt that will identify them as a member of the Club with their unique number and their name embossed on the front of the shirt opposite the JBRUFC crest. The polo shirt will also include the date from which you signed up to identify the longevity of your membership. For example “Member since 2014”.

What are the benefits?

  • Membership in a restricted club.
  • An exclusive club Polo shirt that identifies your 100 Club membership number and your name, or nickname if you would prefer.
  • Subsidized travel to selected away games
  • Free entry to 100 club VIP functions
  • Priority invitations to 100 club events.
  • 100 Club membership card
  • Discount on selected beers in the club rooms

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So what does it cost?

The cost is $10 per week on a direct debit plan or $520 per year. Other payment options are available upon request. Click here or scan the QR Code above to get the ball rolling or contact: Aidy Commins (M) 0401 954 588 for further details on how you can sign up. (E)

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