Brothers U14’s train with the Western Force

The Joondalup Brothers U14 players took the day to see what life was like as a professional rugby player last week as they joined the Western Force in their daily routine.

Visiting the Western Force HQ, the team were spoiled by Matt Hodgson, a former Western Force player Captain himself as he took the team for a tour throughout the indoor training facility. The Brothers players were able to meet the Western Force players in the facility gym, watching on as they took to their warm up.

The team were then taken by the Force to the outdoor area of the facility to watch on as the team trained in preparation for game play. Having further opportunity to rub shoulders with all players, including head coach Tim Sampson and Brynard Stander, the renowned Western Force captain.

The young, up and coming team loved the interaction that the home grown Western Force were able to provide, finding it truly inspiring as they stood shoulder to shoulder with WA’s best.

The Western Force players and coach were remarkable as they engaged and socialised with our developing team, as the young team went on to describe the Force as “humble and magical”.

Ending the day on a high, the Joondalup Brothers team thoroughly enjoyed the experience as it was used to inspire our aspiring players.

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