Joondalup Colts come head to head with Wests Scarborough

When the starting XV team took the field with a few new faces to the starting line-up due to injuries, this eagerly awaited clash against the juggernauts of Wests, a feeling of trepidation was evident amongst the brother’s supporters. On a beautiful day at Bennet Park, we were pleasantly surprised at the contest the new look Brothers were offering. The early exchanges typical of the intensity expected of this importance & with the game being played at a hectic pace resulted in a few errors by both sides in the initial exchanges. However, Wests were first to settle down and find their rhythm. And after some superb ball handling putting their #14 over in on the right wing for the 1st score of the day.

Joondalup regathered and within moments of the restart created space and stretching the defence of Wests, however the final pass was not held, and the promising attack ended with a Wests scrum. Wests backs used the opportunity and again attacked down our left wing and again their #14 crossed for his and West’s 2nd in the 12th minute. Joondalup were playing with continuity and were dominating the set pieces as our much smaller front row of Franz, Price & McIssac dish out a scrummaging 101 display. Nevertheless, again from some sloppy play and decision-making West’s went over again in the opposite corner on the 27th minute mark.

One could be forgiven for thinking this was a lesson in the making for our Colts team, how wrong we would have been! Joondalup started to settle and were getting better ball from lineouts and retaining possession more effectively allowing for some improved accuracy of our passing, eventually leading to a cheeky snipe from Camron Ngatia to post our 1st score of the afternoon after 33 minutes of play converted successfully. As Joondalup dug deep the West’s rush defence extinguished a promising passage of play only to be penalised for holding on and the resulting penalty was comfortably converted from the boot of Ryan McGloin to end the 1st half 21-10 to the home side.

The 2nd half started badly as the restart sailed into touch, awarding West’s a platform to unleash their skilful backline. However, after another forced change in the Front row, Duncan McIssac’s having already demolished West’s LHP thought he would extend the same treatment to their THP and moved to the LH position allowing Hoggy to take up the TH position who showed great technique & strength against a larger opposition. Joondalup were now pressuring West’s which led to another penalty which went wide.

From the resulting restart are forwards applied sustained pressure no more so than the 2nd row combination of Smuts and van Jaarsveld eventually leading to a try from winger Yassin Matundilo in the corner. 21 minutes into the second half, Yasin was denied his second in the same corner which led to a brother’s lineout, with Wests preparing to defend the expected maul Captain Gabe Price chose to call what has become his signature trick lineout and scored for his 3rd successive week. Wests progressed up field with a series of penalties at the ruck culminating with a kickable attempt, the kick ricocheted off the upright.

Wests reacting quickest and dotted down for their 4th of the day. Buoyed by their success West’s started playing rugby with their forwards, but thanks to some great work from backrowers Wood & Napia this was met with some fierce defence and turnovers resulted. West’s discipline started lapsing and were conceding penalties which allowed Jones to kick for territory, but we continued to cause ourselves unforced errors which added to the pressure Wests were constantly applying. Although at this stage Joondalup not playing with much fluency were continuing to breach the defensive line and it looked a matter of time before Joondalup would score. 

The inspiration was supplied between the backs and forwards as one of each Napia & Sharrock cleaned out a ruck from a brilliant tackle from McGloin who drove his opposite #10 into Wests own 22. As the ball spun out to the left wing the move was stopped in its tracks by strong Wests defence leading to a line out for Wests. As time ticked by, it seemed inevitable the win was leaning towards West’s favour. However, the brilliance of our aerial master Dan Howard winning the ball against the head , allowed Ngatia to spin the ball out , after several phases and inches away from scoring in the LH corner through his forwards wiliness to challenge their bigger opposition, Ngatia spotted an opportunity to throw the ball to his right and as the ball went through hands and dummy runners holding defenders at bay, Yassin completed the last moment of the game with another typical well finished wingers try to give the Colts a well and truly hard fought victory ending the match 27-26 victors.




Matundilo x 2


McGloin 1/2

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