Bootleggers Ball

It's here again, our Annual Ball & Awards Night. This years theme is the "Roaring 20's"

7pm - Late Saturday 2nd October 2021

So dust off your dancing shoes, and get into that 20’s Groove.

Save up your “Clams” and let’s get “On a toot” and not be “Mrs. Grundy”. Now you’re “No one’s onions” about the night it will be “The cat’s meow” and be “Ducky”.

Choice bit of calico” with “Bubs” and “Gams” will be “Berries” for the “Bimbos”.

Now you on the Trolley” we won’t be serving any “Noodle Juice” just “Giggle Water”, “Foot Juice” and “Jag Juice” and let’s get   “Half-seas Over

That’s enough “Bushwa” for now!

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